One of my clients held a book party a few weeks ago, and she was gracious enough to invite me to speak.

It was a real party with a 6-member band, a deejay, a caterer, and even a liquor sponsor.

I was definitely not the headliner, but after the author introduced me, several women chatted with me about the books they want to write.

With one exception, they all wanted to write a memoir. They had a personal story to share–life lessons they knew could help other people.

But it seemed they all had the same kinds of concerns about writing a memoir:

How much can I say about other people in my book?

Will I get sued if I tell the truth about somebody else?

Should I just make it a novel so nobody can tell who I’m talking about?

Here’s the answer: Your memoir is about you.

Focus on your part in the story, what you did, and how you responded to situations.

Of course you’ll have other people in your book. Those people played a role in your life, and it wasn’t always a pretty one.

But while you’re writing, don’t worry about who might be offended, upset, angry, or even litigious.

Just write your story. You can clean it up, change names, disguise identities, or cut things when you revise your work. But if you try to do that when you’re writing, you’ll get stuck.

Stop worrying about what people will think, and just tell your story.

Candice L Davis has spent the last ten years serving clients as an author coach, editor, and ghostwriter. She is the writing expert for the Book Your Success team, and she makes sure the BYS clients and students know they don’t have to be a great writer to become a successful author. Everyone has a story worth telling. Everyone has knowledge to share, and she helps you share yours in a book.

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