Most authors give up marketing their book by the end of year two.

They’re tired of the disappointments . . .

tired of the promotions and book events that lead to few or no sales

tired of the failed promises from friends and colleagues to help promote the book

tired of not getting paid to speak

tired of lugging all those books around hoping someone will buy

just plain tired of talking about the book

It’s understandable.

When your book marketing plan is either non-existent, or relies on hopes and dreams, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll get much of a return on your investment.

Not so for Michael. A member of our Authors Ignited group, Michael’s award-winning memoir Got Proof! My Genealogical Journey Through the Use of Documentation was launched in 2013; yes, five years ago. And he’s still marketing it to this day.

Has he seen any results?

In a recent 24-day Facebook campaign on his author page that included daily posts of book excerpts, along with a corresponding photo from the book, Michael got some incredible results:

  • 29 new page likes
  • 31 new followers
  • 1.6K reach of the very first post in the campaign
  • 4.5K reach of the one post he boosted. He’s long wondered how Facebook post boosting works, and decided to try it with a mere $30 investment. Turns out, within 2 minutes of his post hitting, he earned back his money.
  • 4 page button clicks (leading to the book page on his website)
  • 8 books sold through his author website 
  • 5 books sold on Amazon

All of this directly tied to this single, simple Facebook campaign. And this doesn’t even include the other marketing strategies Michael still uses, including speaking, media interviews, and networking.

And one other juicy outcome resulted from his campaign. Michael was invited to submit a guest post for a highly visible blog in his field of genealogy. Of course, he shared that with his online followers. The entity that runs the blog was so impressed by the stats on his blog post that they emailed Michael a huge thanks, stating that his post had received more than 445 views and more than 200 Facebook shares from that page in just a week.

So, can you still market a 5-year-old book?

You decide.

Want to learn how to get the kind of results Michael got? Get ignited!

Anita R. Henderson is an author coach and self-publishing mentor. For the last decade, she has helped experts become authors and successfully navigate their way through the self-publishing process. As a partner with Book Your Success, her mission is to help authors understand that being successful as “author of” is bigger than the book. She shows BYS clients and students how to use their book to create new income streams and earn a return on the time and money they invest in becoming an author.


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