As a coach, you want to earn more money,
serve more people, and spend less time doing it.


Business, leadership, career, life, transformational, and executive coaches know the deal.

Scaling your coaching practice is the only way to grow. But growth isn’t always easy.

There are 24 hours in each day. That's plenty . . . but not when you're doing everything in your business!

Smart coaches understand that it is physically impossible to serve the number of clients you want to serve, at the rates you currently charge, to earn the money you want, and live your best life.

You need to scale your practice and add a passive revenue stream

Earn Passive Revenue

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Passive revenue is the juicy money you earn that doesn’t require more time or more effort from you.

Ready to learn more about adding a passive revenue stream to your coaching practice?

Would you say “Yes” to adding a simple, turnkey program to your current coaching packages that allows you to

  • earn money with each and every sale so your profits soar faster;
  • increase your rates and add value so your clients clearly see the benefit of paying you more;
  • have the time to focus on your core business rather than doing one more thing;
  • provide a credibility-boosting service your clients need that doesn’t require any extra work on your part;
  • include a value-added option to your coaching that requires zero promotional time and effort from you?

Book Your Success is a money-making program
offered exclusively to smart coaches
that includes the process, people, templates, and timelines
to help your clients write, publish, and promote
a professionally produced book.

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It’s a simple passive revenue stream (which most coaches are hungry for) that integrates into your existing or new coaching packages and allows you to raise your rates while adding value to the services you already offer clients.

When you become a reseller of Book Your Success, everything is already done for you. All you do is plug and play.

Think of Book Your Success as a Betty Crocker box cake 🎂 . Just add water and stir! It’s so easy for you with these tools: 🧰 

🛠 Reseller Guide to help onboard new clients. It includes

  • When to pitch this offer to your client
  • How to prime your client to say yes to this program
  • FAQs to answer all their questions
  • Onboarding instructions so you and your client know exactly what to do when they’re ready to get started writing their book

🛠 Demo video so you understand all of the features of Book Your Success

🛠 Suggestions and ongoing support for you to easily integrate Book Your Success into your existing coaching packages

If you have ever told any of your clients that they need a book to reach the goals you’re helping them achieve —
but you didn’t have the resources to help them write the book and get it published
— then you want to add Book Your Success to your coaching mix.

You’ll learn so much more about it on the free webinar, including:

  • 5 easy ways to seamlessly integrate Book Your Success into your current coaching packages with no additional time or effort on your part
  • How you can use Book Your Success as passive revenue and add big 💵 💵 💵 💵 to your bottom line
  • The perfect client to say yes to Book Your Success so you know exactly who to target
  • Why Book Your Success is a great way to reconnect with previous clients and upsell current clients, to boost your reputation as an influencer
  • Why Book Your Success is perfect for your group coaching program
  • Your earnings on every new client you enroll in Book Your Success
  • Your earnings on each of your clients who upgrade to 1:1 author coaching
  • Your big bonus money earned for taking fast action as a Book Your Success Reseller


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Who am I to be offering Book Your Success, anyway?
Glad you asked.

I am Anita Henderson, known as The Author’s MidwifeI’m a coach to corporate executives and business owners who want to amplify their attractor factor by adding “author of” to their bio. I’ve been an entrepreneur for more than two decades, and I’ve been coaching successful business people to become amazing authors for the last ten years.

An eight-times published author myself, I’ve coached dozens of clients to publishing success and I know what it takes to produce a great book. Five years ago, I co-founded Write Books That Sell Now, an online learning platform and community for new and aspiring authors. After a five-figure launch and years of tweaking and expanding our program, I learned a lot about how to create and deliver a successful online program that gets results.


The CEOs, consultants, entrepreneurs, and speakers I coach come to me ready to write a visibility-getting, business-boosting book. They want to leverage their nonfiction book to get paid speaking gigs, higher-paying clients, media attention, awards recognition, board appointments, promotions, additional income, and influencer status in their industry and community. They want the success everyone wants. And they’ve gotten it. Don’t your clients want that? Don’t you want it for them?

My superpower is guiding aspiring authors to create killer content that inspires, instructs, informs, and entertains their readers. I coach clients to take the dozens of years of experience they have locked up in their brains and organize it into content that readers will gobble up. And then, through the book content, to guide their readers to the obvious next step . . . to work more closely with the author. Now that’s how you leverage a book. It works for my clients every time. And it’ll work for your clients, too!

I’m excited to bring my knowledge and expertise to
Book Your Success, and I can’t wait to share more.

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