How to Host a Successful Book Event

A great book event can help you sell more books, get the attention of media, and connect with potential clients and customers. We’re sharing some of the things we’ve learned from the best–and the worst–book events we’ve attended.

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In this video we cover these 4 important must-dos for your book event:

  1. Put together an event team. You can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all yourself. But you don’t have to go broke hiring people to help you.
  2. Plan and prepare. Make sure your guests needs are met with sufficient copies of books to sell, a way to take debit or credit cards, cash to make change, ample seating, and more.
  3. Make it fun! Don’t just sit behind a table, signing books. Give people something to do, and entertain them.
  4. Follow up. The guests at your event are potential partners, clients, customers, referral partners, and fans who’ll spread the word about your awesome book.

It doesn’t matter if you published your book years ago or haven’t planned your launch day yet. A well-planned book event can put your book to work for you.