How to Host a Successful Book Event

A great book event can help you sell more books, get the attention of media, and connect with potential clients and customers. We’re sharing some of the things we’ve learned from the best–and the worst–book events we’ve attended.

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In this video we cover these 4 important must-dos for your book event:

  1. Put together an event team. You can’t (and shouldn’t) do it all yourself. But you don’t have to go broke hiring people to help you.
  2. Plan and prepare. Make sure your guests needs are met with sufficient copies of books to sell, a way to take debit or credit cards, cash to make change, ample seating, and more.
  3. Make it fun! Don’t just sit behind a table, signing books. Give people something to do, and entertain them.
  4. Follow up. The guests at your event are potential partners, clients, customers, referral partners, and fans who’ll spread the word about your awesome book.

It doesn’t matter if you published your book years ago or haven’t planned your launch day yet. A well-planned book event can put your book to work for you.

How to Set Goals for Your Book

3 Goals You Must Have for Your Book

Whether they admit it or not, most authors want to sell a lot of books. There’s nothing wrong with that, and in fact we encourage authors to sell as many books as possible.

But how many books is a lot for you? (Only you can decide.)

And what else will you do with your book?

Those are questions you should answer before you write your book–but it’s never too late. If you wrote your book years ago, or you’re just getting started, you need clear and specific goals for what it will do for you and for your readers.

In this video, we explain why every author must have goals for

  1. Book sales
  2. The action your readers will take
  3. Who you’ll be as an author

Even if you wrote your book as a source of income, those last two goals could turn out to be much more important than book sales.

Watch the video above to find out more about how to set and achieve these important book goals.

What to Do When Your Book Sales Are Disappointing

How’s your book selling? Do your book sales put a smile on your face? Or do they make you wonder why you wrote a book in the first place?

If you published a few years ago or if you’re getting ready to launch your book, you can still find ways to do more with your book.

In this video, we cover the how and why behind 3 ways to earn more with your book.

These simple steps include:

  1. Talk about your book all the time. (Don’t worry. We tell you how to do it without being pushy.)
  2. Make sure your foundation is in place to sell more books.
  3. Find new ways to use your book to earn more money.

You put a lot into writing, publishing, and marketing your book. You’ve invested your time, money, energy, hopes, and dreams.

You deserve to earn a return on everything you’ve invested.

Look at it this way. Your book is serving readers in some way. It ought to serve you too. Watch the video above to find out how.

And click here to download our free checklist, “Earn More Money with Your Book.”

Don’t fall into the common trap of believing you can’t promote your book anymore just because you published it a few years ago. You need to keep getting the word out long after your launch period comes to an end. We show you how in the video.