How’s your book selling? Do your book sales put a smile on your face? Or do they make you wonder why you wrote a book in the first place?

If you published a few years ago or if you’re getting ready to launch your book, you can still find ways to do more with your book.

In this video, we cover the how and why behind 3 ways to earn more with your book.

These simple steps include:

  1. Talk about your book all the time. (Don’t worry. We tell you how to do it without being pushy.)
  2. Make sure your foundation is in place to sell more books.
  3. Find new ways to use your book to earn more money.

You put a lot into writing, publishing, and marketing your book. You’ve invested your time, money, energy, hopes, and dreams.

You deserve to earn a return on everything you’ve invested.

Look at it this way. Your book is serving readers in some way. It ought to serve you too. Watch the video above to find out how.

And click here to download our free checklist, “Earn More Money with Your Book.”

Don’t fall into the common trap of believing you can’t promote your book anymore just because you published it a few years ago. You need to keep getting the word out long after your launch period comes to an end. We show you how in the video.



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