Book Your Success is a simple passive revenue stream (which most coaches are hungry for) that integrates into your existing or new coaching packages and allows you to raise your rates while adding value to the services you already offer clients.

When you become a Reseller of the Book Your Success Program, everything is already done for you. All you do is plug and play. Think of Book Your Success as a Betty Crocker box cake. Just add water and stir.

It’s so easy for you with these tools:

🛠 Reseller Guide to help onboard new clients. It includes

  • When to pitch this offer to your client
  • How to prepare your client to begin this program
  • FAQs to answer all their questions
  • Onboarding instructions so you and your client know exactly what to do when they’re ready to get started writing their book

🛠 Demo video so you understand all of the features of the Book Your Success Program

🛠 Suggestions and ongoing support for you to easily integrate Book Your Success into your existing coaching packages

🛠 Swipe file with content to let your clients and prospects know you now have a value-added program for them. It includes text for your website, newsletter, and social media; images; banners; talking points; and more!

Learn how Book Your Success can help you
grow your profits as a coach.

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