As a coach, you want to earn more money,
serve more people, and spend less time doing it.
Scaling your coaching practice is the only way to do that.

But growth isn’t always easy.

There are 24 hours in each day. That’s plenty . . . but not when you’re doing EVERYTHING in your business! It is physically impossible for you to serve the number of clients you want to serve, at the rates you currently charge, to earn the money you want, and live your best life.

Smart coaches understand that to scale their practice to build influence, they need to add a passive revenue stream. Wouldn’t you agree?

Passive revenue is that juicy money you earn that doesn’t require more time or more effort from you. Passive revenue is the easy money that people swear doesn’t exist. But it does. The ones who don’t believe in passive revenue are the ones who constantly say, “The struggle is real.” Well, let them keep struggling while you keep earning.

Would you say “Yes” to the opportunity to add a simple, turnkey program to your current coaching packages that allows you to

  • earn money with each and every sale so your profits soar faster;
  • increase your rates and add value so your clients clearly see the benefit of paying you more;
  • have the time to focus on your core business rather than doing one more thing;
  • provide a credibility-boosting service your clients need that doesn’t require any extra work on your part;
  • include a value-added option to your coaching that requires zero promotional time and effort from you?

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grow your profits as a coach.

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