Are you finally ready to

make a difference with your book --

for your readers AND for you?

If so, you're in the right place.

We provide proven solutions for two groups of people:

  1. Coaches, speakers, and entrepreneurs who want to write good books faster and with less stress.
  2. Authors who want to do more with their non-fiction books.

We've each spent more than a decade working in publishing. From that experience, we've developed the tools and resources you need to become a successful author.

Writing a book is one of the very best ways to position yourself and your business for success. Your book should serve you just as much as it serves your readers.

Whether you want to earn more money on the side, grow your business, be seen as the expert, get paid to speak, or book media appearances, your book can help you do it. We'll show you how.

Book Signing

We offer a number of content-rich resources to help you succeed as an author, including 

  • courses
  • writing support
  • writing tools
  • publishing tips
  • group coaching 
  • book marketing insights
  • webinars
  • discussion group
  • book sales and distribution tips

All of these resources are designed to support your author journey, and to save you time, money, and frustration so you can go about the business of being a successful author.

Book Your Success is the only online community led by author coaches who understand exactly what you're facing as a first-time author. We've helped dozens of authors write high-earning, award-winning, client-getting books. 


We understand how overwhelming it can be to sit down and stare at that blank document, wondering what to type first.


You two have been so generous as professionals, colleagues, and humans. [My book] project has been going off without a hitch and I've really appreciated your help along the way!

~ Ani Anderson, author of Find Your Soul's Agenda

Member, Authors Ignited

We've coached clients through the pain of getting halfway through writing a book and getting stuck. We've also coached clients through the self-publishing process, and saved them an enormous amount of time, money, and frustration.

We know exactly what you need to do to go from idea (or lots of ideas) to a book you can be proud to publish--and to use it to achieve your goals.

Our programs are designed to give you the support you need to become a successful author.

Welcome to the Book Your Success community!


Your Author Coaches


Candice L Davis

Candice L Davis is an award-winning author, ghostwriter, and former copy editor. She guides coaches, speakers, and business owners through the process to write a great right book so they can reach more people, change more lives, and earn more money.

While she enjoys working with traditional publishers, she also embraces indie publishing as an exciting new world of limitless opportunity for authors.

Candice believes everyone has a story worth telling--and everyone who wants to write a book can use that book to achieve their dreams.

Anita in Green

Anita R. Henderson

Anita R. Henderson has helped dozens of authors produce high-quality self-published books. An eight-times published author herself, she coaches new authors through the maze of self-publishing so they can leverage their book to build their brand.

Her goal is to help authors understand that it’s "bigger than the book" by showing them how to use a book to create new income streams and earn a return on the time and money they invest in becoming an author.

Anita loves the freedom being an author-entrepreneur gives her to travel the world with her husband.


When it comes to leading workshops, panel interviews, and guesting on podcasts, radio and TV, Anita and Candice really are a dynamic duo. To schedule them for an interview or to speak at your event email


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